Who we are

Creative and strategic thinkers.

A true business partner, Trifalga’s knowledgeable team delivers outstanding outcomes for vendors, government, and investors.

We pride ourselves on our team’s ability to think creatively and strategically to deliver outstanding results in real estate investment.

A true embodiment of a family business, Trifalga’s name stems from CEO Joseph Abboud’s three children – Tristan, Faith and Gabe. This family connection is a constant inspiration and reminder that success is holistic – and that it is the dignity, respect and commitment to excellence Trifalga affords its investors, partners and vendors that defines the company’s accomplishments.
Trifalga strives to use its expertise in urban design and planning to find innovative solutions and achieve optimal outcomes within our investment and development portfolio.
Whether investing its own funds, partnering with private equity firms, large developers or individual landowners, Trifalga seeks to consistently add value. Never a company to back away from a challenge, the team at Trifalga relish taking on complex planning situations to achieve great outcomes for local communities.

Trifalga is guided by the vision and foresight of a team with over 25 years’ experience in urban design, planning, joint ventures, government & law.

Our values.
Tenacity, resilience, innovation.


Trifalga has a proven track record of identifying planning solutions that create true value. Our absolute commitment to achieving the best possible outcome drives us towards forward-thinking solutions every time, no matter how complex.


We don’t shy away from a challenge because we believe difficult scenarios present incredible opportunities. We’re confident in our ability to think outside the box, and in the unrivalled expertise of our team. We invest our own funds and back ourselves.


It requires agility and skill to achieve the best results from property which is why Trifalga cultivates an innovative culture and entrepreneurial attitude within our team. Our passion for solving problems and providing solutions ensures we achieve the best outcome in each investment scenario.