Trifalga DC- a new offering from Trifalga unlocking the data centre space


Trifalga has expanded to launch a new business focussed on the investment of digital technology with a new class of experience in the data centre space.

Trifalga DC, a new data centre portfolio, will focus exclusively on developing hyperscale and edge data centres.

What does this mean for customers and investors?

Trifalga CEO Joe Abboud says Trifalga DC will support businesses and investors by developing long-term infrastructure for the storage, processing and distribution of large amounts of data.

“Data centres are an innovative asset class that build on Trifalga’s development and construction expertise and experience in delivering alternative developments, particularly in NSW,” he says.

“Trifalga and Trifalga DC’s first data centre project, a circa 74,000sqm facility in Rouse Hill, has already received DA approval and Trifalga DC is working with a number of potential hyperscale and edge compute partners to roll out different data centre solutions around the country.

“Investors understand big growth and what we want our current and potential investors to understand is that there is big growth in cloud technology.”

Joe says the team at Trifalga understand the future trends, challenges and opportunities of the cloud industry and know that every organisation will require more decentralised and pervasive compute power in the coming years.

“This is why we have expanded into this area, and we would encourage anyone with any interest, who is looking for our unique expertise to get in touch,” he says.

Trifalga DC is a standout player in the industry because it will draw on a combination of expertise across the property and data operation space, offering opportunities from both perspectives.

Most groups in the edge cloud space approach it from either a data centre operation or pure property perspective.

The Trifalga DC experience is more holistic.

Trifalga DC general manager Josh Griggs has more than two decades experience in telecommunications, Data Centre and IT industries with a strong focus on opportunities for growth.

A growth mindset

Josh says the key to Trifalga’s ability to unlock value across the edge cloud is its forward-thinking approach and its track record across all facets of the data centre and property industries.

“At Trifalga DC we know there is a situation where the demand for the cloud and the demand for data centre services is outstripping the speed of supply,” he says.

“When you first look at the industry you might not think this is the case because in the next couple of years there is enough space in the current data centres and cloud facilities in Sydney in particular.

“But we have identified an emerging gap in the market with some major players like Microsoft and AWS outstripping their own forecasts by more than 40 per cent in 2020 and 2021, which tells us the supply of data centres is going to be behind within the next three years.”

For investors in the hyperscale data centre space, to secure a facility within three years means any potential investors would need to source the right property at the right price, right now.

“We already know there is a hot industrial market so finding a property within budget is getting increasingly difficult,” he says.

“That’s where Trifalga DC can offer a service unique to other data centre operators by using its skill set and expertise in property to not only find the right land, but also get the DA approvals faster - which is one of Trifalga’s unique skills.

“When it comes to the more emerging edge data centre market, this is traditionally done as a collaboration between a data centre operator, a real estate operator and an IT company.

“When you’re talking about regional locations and edge facilities, you need to be able to bring all of that ecosystem together effectivity and because of Trifalga DC’s experience and vast skill set we can do that more effectively than other players.”

What does Trifalga do in the data centre space?

Trifalga DC will offer its services in both the Hyperscale and Edge Data Centre markets across Australia.

In the Hyperscale market, Trifalga has a pipeline of sites to support rapid roll-out for operators. In the Edge market Trifalga will provide a network of meshed edge data centres with high density compute, storage, content hosting and cloud gateways which will connect to core hyperscale facilities.

Trifalga DC is the property solutions partner and asset manager for data centres and will work with clients to:

  • Source and procure data centre locations.
  • Analyse the property portfolio and data centre business.
  • Set the strategy to maximise returns.
  • Execute the strategy to gain maximum returns for our clients.
  • Manage the strategy through to the result.
  • Strategically find solutions.

Trifalga DC will work in partnership with Kalinda IT, a First Nations IT and DC operator who has the technical expertise to manage, run and sell services within each asset.

Data centres - what does the industry look like?

To understand more about how Trifalga DC will work in the cloud space, it’s important to have a grasp of the ever changing and developing industry.

A data centre is cloud storage that is fundamentally changing the way businesses deal with critical resources vital to their operations because it provides off-site computing, storage and networking capabilities, as well as infrastructure to keep hardware and software running smoothly.

There are different types of data centres, including traditional facilities located within the businesses they service.

Hyperscale data centres can store massive amounts of data and can scale and distribute that data rapidly.

Edge data centres are an emerging market, and they are data centres that are local or regional facilities that enable edge computing. They put the processing closer to the end user and work with and complement more centralised data centres.

Find out more about how you can take advantage of the benefits of this new and exciting asset class