Developmental: property & the mind with Trifalga CEO Joe Abboud.

Joe Abboud is a big thinker with big ambitions to live a contented life. Day to day, his passion is property investment and solving the often complex problems that come with making change. But he’s fired by a larger quest to encourage, inspire and learn. In this series, Joe connects with a range of people and personalities from all over, pondering everything from politics to policy, leadership to life.

If you believe in never being too old, too wise or too experienced to be grounded – or elevated – by the teachings of others and the endless possibility of thinking differently, this could just be your new favourite podcast.

When your world is spinning out of control

There's little in life that feels more challenging than living with a sense that things are spinning out of control.

Our world is changing – almost on an hourly basis right now. COVID-19 has turned the world on its head… and we’re all trying to seek some certainty when the reality is most parts of life – whether it’s work, family, friends, finances, or travel – are becoming increasingly unpredictable.

So, how do you take back control?

In Episode 9 of Developmental, Joe Abboud is joined by Priscilla Tran, one of the property industry’s most influential young leaders.

As Development Manager of affordable housing at City West Housing, winner of the UDIA NSW’s Young Leader’s Award for Excellence 2019 and PowerHousing Australia’s Rising Star Award 2019 and mentor to rising stars alike, Priscilla, has not only shaped her career – but navigated her way through deeply personal challenges – by taking control of her life.

*Please note, those struggling with mental health may find this discussion triggering, and we encourage you to seek help. Please reach out to someone you trust, call Lifeline on 13 11 14 at any time, or visit your health care practitioner.

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What does it take to make real change?

Whether personal or professional, navigating opportunities and next steps can be tough – especially if you're stuck at a crossroads.

Craig Morris, a trusted friend, and mentor to Joe Abboud has built his career on helping people and businesses learn the skills to transform.

In this Episode of Developmental, we hear from an expert who has coached some of Australia’s most prominent business leaders through career-defining decisions. Over 30 years, Craig has led teams to deliver multimillion-dollar projects, overseen successful company takeovers and advised businesses throughout major transformations.

With a desire to genuinely help people, Craig has seen first-hand what makes a leader successful and why others struggle.

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Every life matters

Property markets around the globe are struggling with affordability issues. In Sydney, Australia, the crisis continues and one of the human costs is homelessness. Is a solution as simple as increasing housing supply by simplifying the path of development, or are much bigger problems at play?

In this Episode of Developmental, Joe speaks with the Rev Keith V Garner AM from Wesley Mission, traversing the tough terrain of homelessness, mental health, substance abuse and domestic violence. And the critical role Wesley Mission plays in our communities to do all the good they can. Hear how Wesley Mission CEO the Rev Keith Garner, driven by faith and supported by family, has been able to dedicate not only his career but his life to helping those most in need.

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What’s your game plan?

From his early years as an all-star athlete, to serving in The White House, to leading the rebuild of hurricane-wreaked New Orleans, to Sydney Australia and everywhere in between, Professor Ed Blakely has travelled a life path that’s seen him become a true global influencer in urban planning.

In this Episode of Developmental, Joe delves into Professor Ed Blakely’s story to understand the impact of life lessons from his 107-year-old great grandfather, how sport and excelling became his bedrock, and how his own determination to continually improve has created a treasury of experiences he might never have imagined.

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The lifesaving magic of good public speaking

What does public speaking have in common with the world of property? Everything. In this episode of Developmental, Joe takes a deep dive with Shane Geha, head of EG Property Advisory in a discussion that swings from a lifechanging childhood experience to excelling in the dog-eat-dog world of debating to teaching in some of the world’s top universities to high-stakes deal-making in boardrooms around the world. Hear about how finding the confidence to back yourself and present your message clearly is the difference between make or break.

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Dare to Dream

Is all change bad? In this episode of Developmental, Joe sits down with Chris Johnson, former State Government architect, OAM and outgoing CEO of the Urban Taskforce, to ponder the role of the developer, the future of Sydney and community resistance to change. ‘What if we took a more human approach?’.

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The contented life

Much is said about the pursuit of happiness but is being happy really the holy grail we think it is? Perhaps we should focus more on being ok with not being ok. Not following the norm. Not accepting all the ‘rules’ society says you should accept and simply letting life happen to you. What can happen when you turn all that on its head? Joe Abboud explores these concepts with communications specialist, Holly Reynolds.

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Trusted advice: Business and balance

What happens when a long term corporate advisor for some of the world’s largest brands takes a break and starts out on his own? Joe Abboud and his special guest unpack the questions business owners need to ask to keep learning and growing, and how his own experience of working for himself has shaped how he approaches his latest role heading up a global engineering firm.

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But is that really possible?

Do you have what it takes to be successful? Do you know the secret to a happy life? How does this relate to the property industry? And who is Joe Abboud? Business is complex. Life even more so. Unravel some of life’s possibilities with a wander inside the mind of straight talking, yet deeply spiritual Sydney businessman Joe Abboud as he talks to colleague and communications specialist Holly Reynolds.

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