Have you heard we’re podcasting? Here’s why…


From an unknown platform to an unmissable medium, podcasting – a once extremely niche method of communication – has evolved into a powerful presence on the daily playlist for many.

Do you remember when you first heard about podcasts? When the concept of listening to audio files of people just talking was strange? And you may have thought… how is it different from the radio, and what do these people talk about?

Today in Australia, it’s estimated 91% of people aged between 18 and 75 have heard of podcasting, with an average of 62% actively listening to a series.

In fact, podcasting and ‘who you’re listening to’ has become almost as popular dinner table conversation as property prices. If you have a passion or an interest, there’s a podcast for you.

Joe Abboud, CEO of property investment firm Trifalga recently completed an Executive MBA at Harvard. He said one of the most valuable things he learnt was the concept of staying relevant.

Joe explains, “At this current rate of technology, companies need to stay relevant. It’s an ever-changing technical world we live in, and it’s advancing at an amazing rate.”

So, how do we maintain relevance?

You can think about technology in two ways. On the one hand, technology is changing every aspect of our world and bringing huge opportunity; on the other, the pace and scale of the change is so enormous that it’s seriously hard to keep up. Many people, and businesses, who are slow to embrace the new, are being left behind.

Our solution? We say don’t wait, make a change – especially when it comes to sharing the stories that help to build connection and brand awareness with your clients and contacts.

In Trifalga’s case, they’ve caught possibly the third wave of podcasting.

Developmental: property & the mind

Developmental: property & the mind is a result of Joe’s persistent frustration at not being heard, and the passion to champion the good in his industry.

This series connects people and personalities from all over, who reflect on everything from politics to policy, leadership to life and everything in between.

The podcast is Joe’s way to ‘set right’ the public perception that ‘all developers are crooks’.

With no experience in journalism, and little knowledge in marketing, Joe may not be the next Channel 9 newsreader or big shot radio announcer, but he definitely has the gift of good converstion and the art of connecting with even the toughest of souls.

Let’s champion the legends in our industry

Over the past two years, Joe has been working with communications expert and property specialist, Holly Reynolds, to evolve his brand Trifalga.

With a background in media, a passion for technology and an entrepreneurial spirit , Holly began her own podcast – Real Sydney – in 2007 – at the time, one of the first property podcasts in the world.

“We were on the very bleeding end of change. It was tough – we were so ahead of the curve. To get people to understand the concept was a push uphill, let alone get them interested to listen,” says Holly.

“Whereas now, podcasting is widely accepted as a great communication medium. With today’s equipment and technology, pretty much anyone can consume, produce or host a podcast series whenever, and where ever they want,” she explains.

So, let’s put the power of podcasting into the hands of enthusiastic amateurs

Over the years, what we’ve learned about Joe, is that he relishes the opportunity to form a connection with people, Holly explains.

“He gets an enormous amount out of it personally. He feels quite a sense of responsibility to give back to others, and that for him often comes from rich conversation,” says Holly.

Joe agrees: “I try and extract moments out of the conversations, and it’s at that moment they become special. Because if it’s just an interview, and we’re just talking, anyone can do that.”

Today, Joe’s podcast has become exactly that – a dynamic and current way for Joe, and Trifalga to connect with and learn from legends in the industry. It’s a personalised platform to share their story. It’s also fast proving to be a valuable source of life lessons, how to overcome challenges and find what it is that drives you.

At the inception of Developmental – Joe set out to make a difference – even if it was only in the life of one person.

And while it’s a tough metric to measure, it’s not impossible.

“It’s very humbling when I run into people on the street or get an email, and they say they heard the podcast and they can’t wait for the next one.

“For me, having conversations, and having that moment that you don’t expect, that moment that creates a real connection, they’re the moments I live for, and they’re the moments where I feel you can effect real change,” says Joe.

“I want to champion the humans in our industry who are doing great work to shape the future of our streets, our towns, our villages, and our cities.”

“We’re delighted to see the takeup for Developmental has been quite strong. Marketed within our own network, via social media and even getting out there into the general public – we know there is a appetite for the content we’ve been creating,” says Holly.

Sometimes it can take a leap of faith to change the script. As a newcomer to podcasting, Joe is showing what’s possible when you have a passion for thinking differently. And now, his stellar guest list is helping to create momentum around important discussions, that otherwise wouldn’t get airtime.

“If I have learned anything through the conversations I have had in the last six months, it has just totally reinforced to me the goodness out there. It’s been a privilege to sit with these people and to hear their stories and to get their lessons,” says Joe.